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Custom-Built Off-Road 4x4 Vehicles Specifically Designed for Moab

At Epic 4×4 Adventures basic is just not in our DNA. Our mega tour rigs are custom built and  purposefully designed to be dedicated big-rock touring rigs. They provide a safe, comfortable, capable, and exciting off-road experience for those who won’t settle for anything less than the most epic 4×4 adventure in Moab. And, if you choose to get behind the wheel, that expertise is carried over to our UTV fleet. Customized with safety, capability and comfort features, our fleet is unmatched in Moab.

It is just not a fact that off-road riding or driving needs to be a jostling, jarring, bumpy, back wrenching experience. It is all about the vehicle and the suspension. While your safety is our first priority, your comfort  is never sacrificed. To learn what sets our vehicles apart, read more below:

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While most touring vehicles have some sort of sport bar or cage bolted onto a finished vehicle, Moab Mega Buggy and Moab Wanderer are custom crafted giant roll cages! From front to back, top to bottom, these amazing machines are made of 2” heavy wall DOM tubing — the stuff race rigs are made of. We combine full suspension racing seats with 4-point safety harnesses to hold each rider firmly but comfortably in their positions.

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Our Moab Mega Buggy and Moab Wanderer were designed to give each rider ample room to sit comfortably without feeling crowded or cramped. The Moab Mega Buggy is equipped with clamshell doors for easy entry and exit and Moab Wanderer boasts 8 entry doors, so there’s no need to climb over anyone. The best part is the specially selected coilover/bypass racing shocks, which were integrated into each vehicle’s with long travel suspension. These shocks were designed to provide the riders a stable and smooth yet exhilarating adventure through the iconic red rocks of Moab.


Capability might be our fleet’s best attribute.

Epic 4X4 Adventure is renowned for its versatile and impressive fleet of off-road vehicles, meticulously designed to conquer any terrain and provide an adrenaline-pumping experience for adventure enthusiasts. The diverse range of off-road beasts guarantees an unparalleled experience for anyone seeking a thrilling 4×4 escapade.

The fleet is headlined by the iconic Moab Mega Buggy. Moab Mega Buggy boasts exceptional ground clearance, rugged tires, and a powerful engine, making it an ideal choice for tackling Moab’s challenging landscapes.

Moab Wanderer is second only to the Moab Mega Buggy. Equipped with it’s own custom crafted suspension system, Moab Wanderer’s ground clearance and articulation not only make it exceptionally capable but it does it all with the grace and smoothness of a luxury rig.

Our UTV fleet begins with the right vehicle for Moab’s rugged terrain but with our commitment to safety, that is just the start. Our custom modifications improve capability, safety and comfort.



What more could you ask for than a guided tour on the best of Moab’s trails in Moab’s finest fleet built and customized expressly for that purpose? Our vehicles offer a red-rock roller coaster ride on the best backcountry trails.

Want to Know More?

Want to Know More?