Custom-built Off-road 4x4 Vehicles specifically designed for Moab

Epic 4×4 Adventures’ mega buggies are not converted Jeeps, Hummers, or SUVs: they were purposefully designed to be dedicated big-rock touring rigs. They provide a safe, comfortable, capable, and exciting off-road experience for those who won’t settle for anything less than the most epic 4×4 adventure in Moab.

To learn what sets our vehicles apart, read more below:

Safety Is Our Main Priority

While most touring vehicles have some sort of sport bar or cage bolted onto a finished vehicle, Epic’s mega buggies are one giant roll cage chassis! From front to back, top to bottom, these amazing machines are made of 2” heavy wall DOM tubing — the stuff race rigs are made of. We combined these tube chassis with racing seats and 4-point safety harnesses to hold each rider firmly but comfortably in their positions.

The Most Comfortable Ride in Town

Our mega buggy chassis were designed to give each rider ample room to sit comfortably without feeling crowded or cramped. They’re equipped with clamshell doors for easy entry and exit, so there’s no need to climb over anyone. The best part is the specially selected coilover/bypass racing shocks, which were integrated into the vehicle with long travel suspension. These shocks were designed to provide the riders a stable and smooth yet exhilarating adventure through the iconic red rocks of Moab.

Built To Handle Any Terrain

Capability might be our mega buggies’ best attribute. We combined the aforementioned tube chassis and long travel suspension with high amounts of wheel travel and articulation. We also selected a heavy duty drive train and added a terrain-conquering wheel base. After outfitting it with the largest DOT off-road tires available, we created the ultimate big-rock touring machine. Whether going for a spin on trails like the beautifully scenic 7 Mile Rim or tackling the intense obstacle-filled Pritchett Canyon, Epic’s mega buggies far exceed anything the typical 4×4 can dish out.

Add Some Excitement to Your Trip

What more could you ask for than a guided tour on the best of Moab’s trails in a mega buggy built expressly for that purpose? Our vehicles offer a red-rock roller coaster ride on the best backcountry trails.

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