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What Makes Us Epic!

We at Epic 4×4 Adventures pride ourselves on offering high-quality, guided off-road tours. Formed by residents who are enthusiastic about sharing their love for the area, Epic 4×4 Adventures strives to provide a thrilling sightseeing adventure while still taking steps to care for the environment. Our mega-buggy vehicles were custom-made to handle Moab’s rocks and boulders with ease, providing a safe yet thrilling 4×4 adventure.

Epic 4×4 Adventures is located in Moab, Utah, which is home to two of the nation’s most famous national parks: Arches National Park. and Canyonlands National Park. From the remarkable red-rock scenery that gives the region its distinguished appearance to the hundreds of off-roading trails, Moab offers an unparalleled return to nature. We love our land, and if you come to visit, we’re sure you’ll love it too.

You choose between our 4×4 off-road Moab tour and our Side by side-you drive tourEpic 4×4 Adventures has the ride for you — whether you’re a first-time visitor to Moab who wants a safe and fun way to see what all the fuss is about or you’re a more battle-hardened off-road junkie who wants an intense big-rock ride experience. Check out our FAQ Page if you have any questions, or please get in touch!

More to Moab Series!

Join us on the path less traveled. Our More to Moab series of trails is where we show you what this amazing place is all about. This isn’t something to do because you are here, this is why you are here. These adventures will be among the highlights of your visit to Moab. When you join us for one of these trails you will see why it is more than a tour, it is an event. You will have an amazing time in our unmatched vehicles but this is more about the places you will go and the things you will do. Let us feed your spirit of adventure and create lifelong memories with our More to Moab Series of trails. We will hunt for arrowheads, petrified rocks and dinosaur bones. We’ll see petroglyphs, dinosaur tracks, arches, bridges, secret canyons, caves, tunnels and more depending on your trail choice. Book online or give us a call for more information about these epic trails.

Ready to Book a Moab 4x4 Tour?

Ready to Book a Tour?