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Explore The Wonders of Moab in our Newest Touring Mega Rig, Moab Wanderer

Delivering Moab's Best Outdoor Experiences

From the visionaries behind Moab Mega Buggy and Epic 4X4 Adventures, we proudly introduce our newest touring marvel, Moab Wanderer. Named in honor of the spirit of exploration and wonder that defines both our tours and this remarkable region, Moab Wanderer is an awe-inspiring ride like no other.

Crafted with an unwavering dedication to providing the ultimate off-road touring experience, the Moab Wanderer showcases a level of meticulous attention to detail that surpasses all expectations. Every aspect of this vehicle has been carefully refined with you, our rider, in mind. Our pride in providing our customers with modern, cutting-edge off-road vehicles that offer enhanced comfort, advanced features, and an immersive journey is evident from your first glance. Prepare yourself for a journey where comfort, innovation, and immersion merge seamlessly.

From the perfect geometry of the suspension system to custom crafted suspension seats, we promise, this will be the most comfortable off-road experience of your life. And, though your comfort was of paramount importance, your safety is always our utmost priority. To begin, we chose a brand new vehicle equipped with modern safety features, surpassing those found in older, modified vehicles that may not meet contemporary standards. Unlike outdated, repurposed or military-style hummers that were never designed for your safety and comfort, we have taken meticulous care to provide a remarkably safe and comfortable experience. Our seats feature 4-point safety harnesses, and our passenger cabin is expertly designed as a protective safety cage, ensuring that your body remains securely enclosed within its durable framework.

Nearly 2 years in the making, we are now ready to take you on journeys through Moab’s remarkable landscapes. Allow us to unveil the hidden treasures nestled within this remarkable region, guiding you along breathtaking trails, and revealing the awe-inspiring wonders that await around every turn. In keeping with our commitment to offer rides to suit your spirit of adventure, we invite you to choose our scenic adventure, Hurrah Pass, designed for the curious explorer in all of us or to feed your inner adrenaline junkie on our more thrilling ride at Hell’s Revenge.

Starting at only $69/child and $89/adult.

Moab Wanderer Rides - Daily tours morning and sunset.

Give us a call. We’re eager to help you choose a ride that fits your adventurous spirit. 


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