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Delivering Moab's Best Outdoor Experiences in Partnership with


You-Drive Moab's Best UTV Fleet

Driving a true sport UTV, custom modified for performance and safety you’ll navigate these world famous trails. All tours offer spectacular views and unique Moab landscapes while combining the thrill of operating your own well-equipped, off-road vehicle! Each adventure is designed to offer something different giving our guests choices to match their spirit of adventure. Choose your Moab 4×4 experience below and book today!

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Hell's Revenge with Fins & Things

Fun Slickrock Roller Coaster

Rolling slickrock sandstone creates fun roller-coaster like terrain on Moab’s most popular playground. With stunning 360° views from the LaSal Mountains to the Colorado River gorge, Hell’s Revenge is as beautiful as it is exciting.

Calling all adventure-lovers to Hell’s Revenge! This is no ordinary off-roading experience, but an exciting journey over Moab’s crimson rocks.Imagine yourself in a true sport UTV, custom modified for performance, capability and safety as you navigate this world famous trail. Our highly skilled guides will have you navigating through steep ascents, thrilling descents, and challenging terrain all with the reassurance of safety. Every turn reveals awe-inspiring scenery, from fiery rock formations to the serene Colorado River, with the majestic La Sal Mountains as your distant backdrop.

What are you waiting for? Our Hell’s Revenge UTV tours are more than just a tour; it’s an adventure that pushes boundaries, defies expectations, and leaves you with an exhilarating feeling that lingers long after the dust has settled. We guarantee you, this is one ride you won’t want to miss! Let’s conquer Hell’s Revenge together, and make memories that will last a lifetime!

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Poison Spider

Exciting Adventure For Thrill Seekers

Embark on an adrenaline-pumping, off-road adventure with our guided UTV tour on the iconic Poison Spider trail in Moab, Utah! This action-packed journey will take you through some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the American Southwest, offering an unforgettable experience for thrill-seekers and nature lovers alike. Join us for a wild ride that combines heart-stopping excitement, stunning views, and a touch of Moab’s fascinating history.

The Poison Spider trail is one of Moab’s most renowned off-road routes, and for good reason. This challenging trail offers an incredible variety of terrain and obstacle types. From slickrock and sandy washes to heart-pounding ledges, v-notches and dry bed waterfalls to steep inclines, Poison Spider throws it all at you from the very start. Navigating these world-class obstacles in our top-of-the-line, customized UTV fleet with the expertise of your guide is an exhilarating rush that will leave you feeling triumphant and ready for whatever will come your way next.

One of the highlights of the tour is the jaw-dropping panorama from the top of the Poison Spider Mesa. As you crest this 1,000-foot plateau, you’ll be rewarded with a breathtaking 360-degree view of Moab Valley, the Colorado River, the La Sal Mountains, and the seemingly endless expanse of red rock formations that define this remarkable region.

The Poison Spider trail also takes you past several remarkable landmarks, including the Little Arch, a hidden gem tucked away in a secluded canyon, and the Dinosaur Tracks, a set of well-preserved prehistoric footprints that serve as a testament to the area’s ancient history. As you make your way through this awe-inspiring landscape, you’ll come to understand why Moab is considered one of the world’s premier destinations for outdoor enthusiasts.

This exhilarating tour is perfect for adventure enthusiasts, nature lovers, and those looking to explore Moab’s extraordinary landscape from a unique perspective. Poison Spider is suitable for all experience levels including novice off-roaders but will be enjoyed most by confident drivers that are comfortable behind the wheel in most driving situations. With our expert guides, top-of-the-line UTVs, and an unforgettable route, the Poison Spider UTV Adventure promises to be a highlight of your Moab experience. Don’t miss the chance to tackle one of the most legendary off-road trails in the world – book your tour today!

  • Great for families and kids.

The Works

Exploring Moab's Treasures

Prepare for an extraordinary journey as we take you on a remarkable adventure tour we call The Works. This adventure offers a perfect glimpse of what this stunning destination has to offer. From gentle rock crawling to expansive vistas that stretch for miles, The Works will provide an unforgettable experience that captures the essence of Moab’s natural wonders. As we embark on this adventure, you’ll have the opportunity to explore iconic landmarks such as Uranium Arch, Monitor and Merrimac, Tusher Tunnel, and more. Traverse the rugged terrain, overcoming obstacles with ease as you channel your inner explorer. Experience the thrill of going over “The Rainbow,” a section of the trail that adds an extra touch of excitement to the journey. Feel the sand beneath your tires as you play and navigate through it, immersing yourself in the essence of off-roading. But that’s not all. Our adventure takes a unique twist as we make a stop at a fascinating collection of dinosaur bones. Discover the remnants of these ancient creatures and delve into the rich history of the region, adding a touch of paleontological wonder to your off-road exploration. The Works offers a captivating blend of adventure, scenic beauty, and historical intrigue. It’s an opportunity to witness firsthand the wonders of Moab. Join us on this unforgettable off-roading expedition as we unlock the secrets of The Works and create memories that will last a lifetime. Get ready to be amazed and inspired by the natural wonders that await you on this remarkable exploration.


Passenger Tours In Our Spectacular Touring Giants.

Relax and immerse yourself in an exciting journey, with us at the helm. Much like our self-drive options, our ride-along tours offer a variety of experiences for every adventurer. Whether you seek a tranquil, scenic ride or an adrenaline-fueled thrill, Epic delivers. Opt for the private K4 Experience custom tailored to your spirit of adventure throughout the ride, or the Moab Mega Buggy, a unique small group experience unlike anything else, anywhere else. Or, join the party in our large group touring giant, Moab Wanderer. Each in their own way, the perfect way to explore and understand why Moab is a must-visit destination on every traveler’s bucket list.

  • Thrilling one-of-a-kind ride

Moab Mega Buggy at Hell's Revenge

Conquer Moab’s Legendary Hell’s Revenge with the Ultimate Mega Buggy Tour

Discover the unparalleled thrill that awaits as Moab’s premier touring giant, Moab Mega Buggy, takes on this formidable trail head-on. Brace yourself for an extraordinary journey, where comfort, style, and safety converge amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Hell’s Revenge. Our cutting-edge mega tour rig is built to conquer any obstacle, navigate sandy washes, and conquer the steepest grades like no other vehicle on the planet.

Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled experience right from the start, as we skillfully maneuver The Devil’s Backbone and venture onto the world-famous Hell’s Revenge trail. With every turn, a new adventure awaits, accompanied by fantastic photo opportunities that will leave you in awe. Experience the exhilaration as we crabwalk across slickrock, feeling the G-forces as we effortlessly glide through twisty sand washes. Brace yourself for the ultimate thrill of rear-steer, an unmatched sensation that will keep your heart racing.

But the true highlight lies ahead: the legendary Hell’s Gate and the latest addition to the trail, The Staircase. It’s impossible to fathom the sheer excitement and awe-inspiring challenge until you find yourself gazing up at what appears to be an insurmountable climb. As we navigate Hidden Canyon, be captivated by its unique beauty making you feel as though you’ve been transported to another area entirely.

Remember, this trail and this tour are not only exclusive to Moab; in Moab Mega Buggy, it’s an unparalleled adventure found nowhere else in the world. Don’t miss out on your chance to embark on this one-of-a-kind journey of a lifetime. Book your extraordinary adventure today and immerse yourself in the untamed wonder of Moab’s Hell’s Revenge!


  • Capacity for 14!

Moab Wanderer

Explore The Wonders of Moab in our Newest Touring Mega Rig, Moab Wanderer

From the visionaries behind Moab Mega Buggy and Epic 4X4 Adventures, we proudly introduce our newest touring marvel, Moab Wanderer. Named in honor of the spirit of exploration and wonder that defines both our tours and this remarkable region, Moab Wanderer is an awe-inspiring ride like no other.

Crafted with an unwavering dedication to providing the ultimate off-road touring experience, the Moab Wanderer showcases a level of meticulous attention to detail that surpasses all expectations. Every aspect of this vehicle has been carefully refined with you, our rider, in mind. Our pride in providing our customers with modern, cutting-edge off-road vehicles that offer enhanced comfort, advanced features, and an immersive journey is evident from your first glance. Prepare yourself for a journey where comfort, innovation, and immersion merge seamlessly.

In keeping with our commitment to offering rides to suit your spirit of adventure, we curated two unique experiences for this incredible vehicle.

Join us at Hurrah Pass for unforgettable scenery on a leisurely ride. We have many things to show you on this ride for the curious explorer. This ride is great for families with younger children, multigenerational groups, photographers and those that prefer a scenic ride over and heart-pounding thrill ride.

Kick it up a notch at Hell’s Revenge. The unique terrain at Hell’s Revenge is sure to thrill with steep climbs, dramatic descents and off-camber sandstone fins. This ride is well suited for thrill seekers, families with pre-teens and teenagers and those that enjoy being on the edge of your seat, so to speak. Photographers with an adventurous streak won’t be disappointed. 360° views are stunning.

  • Every ride is a private tour.

K4 Experience at Hell's Revenge


Experience the iconic slickrock sandstone that make up most of this ride’s terrain. Steep climbs on petrified dunes take you to 360° views that seem to go on forever.

K4 Experience is a ride along tour like no other. You want an epic experience and you want to take a UTV into the beautiful back country of Moab but you want to leave the driving to an expert. Sit back and enjoy your cocoon of safety while your professional guide pilots our custom modified, Kawasaki KRX4 through some of the most exciting terrain on the planet.

Let your adrenaline soar as we climb slick rock hills and ancient waterfalls, balance sandstone V-notches and take on big ledges. Enjoy comfortable, contoured seating. Appreciate the sense of safety with six point harnesses and all encompassing roll cage while we dial up the thrills, let the long travel suspension soak up the bumps, and rail through the sand and cross fun-filled whoops.

Let us show you parts of the Moab back-country in safety, and comfort while bringing you the excitement that only a properly set up rock crawling side-by-side can deliver.

Give us a call. We’re eager to help you choose a ride that fits your adventurous spirit. 


Why you should choose Epic 4X4 Adventures

Ranked #1 of 156 Outdoor Activities in Moab
As the top-rated outdoor activity provider of 156 options in Moab, we’ve earned our reputation through an unmatched combination of; first in class customer service, a top-of-the-line vehicle fleet, expertly trained guides, and thoughtfully curated rides. Don’t take our word for it, read our guest reviews.

Others may claim to be the best. Only Epic 4X4 Adventures had earned that top spot.

48 Hour Free Cancellation Policy
Make your reservation with confidence. We know life happens and we understand things change. Book with confidence that Epic 4X4 Adventures offers Moab’s most generous cancellation policy in our activity category and we never require a non-refundable deposit. If you’d like even more flexibility, our optional Travel Protection closes that window to just 1 hour. See our FAQ for details.

We promise an Epic Adventure on every ride.
Our entire team is dedicated to providing exceptional experiences and service to our guests. We are honored when you choose to spend your vacation time with us, and your satisfaction is our top priority.

Custom tours to match your spirit of adventure.
Our diverse range of off-road tours is tailored to satisfy every adventurer’s craving. Whether you are up for an adrenaline filled ride or prefer to explore Moab’s treasures on a more relaxed trail, we’ve got something for you.

Moab’s finest vehicle fleet.
From our custom touring giants to our customized side-by-side UTVs, our fleet stands unrivaled. Our commitment to your safety is only matched by our own meticulous attention to your comfort. Our entire fleet offers an enjoyable ride with plenty of space and leg room and well-engineered suspension systems mean we glide smoothly across varied terrains. Most importantly, our vehicles offer a seamless blend of comfort and capability, allowing you to embark on an exhilarating journey with complete confidence. We will redefine your expectations.



No one invests in your safety like we do.
Our founder, a 40-year automotive design engineer, expertly selected the Kawasaki KRX UTV as our exclusive offering because it is undisputedly the right vehicle for Moab’s terrain. We didn’t stop there. With meticulous attention to every safety detail, we replace the standard lap and shoulder belt with 6-point safety harnesses. We replace the original tires with larger tires with improved traction. We add custom safety cages, bumpers, rock sliders and more. Our custom touring giants, Moab Mega Buggy and Moab Wanderer, were crafted with the same attention to detail, sparing no expense to keep you safe. And, though safety begins with our unrivaled fleet, in the hands of Moab’s best guides in constant radio communication with you throughout your ride, you will quickly gain confidence you chose well when you decided to ride with us. You will see the difference on the trail.

Our guides are the heart of every adventure.
Uncover fascinating facts, enjoy entertaining stories, and receive invaluable local tips to elevate your Moab experience.

More to Moab Series

Embark on a journey of discovery and wonder with our exclusive More to Moab trail series. This is not just an add-on to your trip; it’s the very reason you’re here. Prepare to be captivated by the hidden gems and awe-inspiring sights that make Moab a truly unforgettable destination. Millions will visit Moab each year. Most won’t scratch the surface of what this amazing place is all about. Let us show you.

With even a quick look around for a UTV tour or adventure in Moab, you will learn that everyone will take you to Hell’s Revenge. We will too and it is a great trail. We think if you are going to ride Hell’s Revenge you should absolutely ride with us but if it’s more you seek, we’d like to show you there is More to Moab, much more.

When you join one of our More to Moab adventures, you’re signing up for an experience that transcends mere tourism. It’s an immersive event that will leave an indelible mark on your soul. Our unparalleled vehicles are only the beginning – it’s the extraordinary places you’ll explore and the exhilarating activities you’ll engage in that will make this the highlight of your visit.

Ignite your spirit of adventure and forge lasting memories as you traverse our carefully curated More to Moab trails. Unearth ancient arrowheads, marvel at petrified rocks, and uncover dinosaur bones. Witness the mystique of petroglyphs, dinosaur tracks, arches, and bridges. Explore secret canyons, hidden caves, and mysterious tunnels, all tailored to your chosen trail.

If your spirit of adventure is an adrenaline junkie, our More to Moab series has trails to push your boundaries, thrill your senses and pump adrenaline through your veins all in Moab’s safest vehicle fleet with Moab’s most well trained and most experienced guides.

Don’t miss the chance to embark on this extraordinary expedition. Book online or call us to find out more about our epic More to Moab trails. You-drive and ride-along options available. Your unforgettable adventure awaits.


Call us with any questions. We’re ready to help you select your More to Moab ride.


The Difference is Epic with Epic 4x4 Adventures!

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We settle for nothing but the best! Our UTVs, Moab Mega Buggy and Moab Wanderer are rock-crawling beasts customized for your safety and comfort.


The Moab Mega Buggy, Moab Wanderer and our UTVs are built to take on the most challenging terrain and with our trail lineup, you’re sure to find a ride to match your spirit of adventure.

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We go above and beyond to ensure your safety. All our vehicles are meticulously maintained and equipped with safety features others overlook.

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It’s our customers that truly make us epic! Read about their experience  on Tripadvisor and let them tell you how we deliver on the promise of an Epic 4X4 Adventure.


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