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Epic 4x4 Adventures Are Stewards of the Land

North Window structure in Moab

The North Window, Moab, Utah

As a brand-new company, we’ve taken a little time to consider the kind of business we want to be. We are called Epic 4×4 Adventures because that’s exactly what we offer, but it’s also part of our founding philosophy that we are and remain good stewards of the land. It’s this aspect of our identity that we’d like to discuss today. We will never get too preachy about responsible tourism, but we hope our respect and reverence for some of Utah’s incredible landscapes rubs off a little on everyone who comes on our off-road tours of Moab(opens in a new tab).

What Does It Mean to Be a Steward of the Land?

This seems to mean something different depending on who you’re talking to, so we should define what we mean by “being a steward of the land”. Being a good steward of the land is about looking after our environment—about respecting the land we live on and the land we visit on our travels. It’s about making sure we appreciate what we’ve got and that we never do any damage to the land that can’t be remedied.

Keeping Things Epic!

Sandstone arch at sunset in Arches National Park

Sandstone arch in Arches National Park, near Moab

This is a blog about how we care about our land, and about recreating responsibly, but we don’t want readers to lose sight of our other founding philosophy: having epic adventures in Moab on our epic 4×4 buggies! There’s something about looking out over the incredible Moab landscape that brings out your adventurer’s spirit. That’s why we’re here—because we know that speeding along in a custom-built buggy is the best way to cover more ground and really explore the wild, rocky Moab landscape!

Our Buggies Have Been Built Especially for the Moab Landscape

Another way we look after the land is by ensuring our custom-built 4×4 buggies(opens in a new tab) have minimal impact. We have taken time to consider the weight, the tire width, and the torque of our vehicles to ensure that we can get places in Moab that few other vehicles can, but our vehicles’ specialist nature also means that we aren’t spinning our wheels, tearing up the dirt. Our off-road vehicles are epic and our adventures are epic, but the impact we have on our environment certainly isn’t!

Moab Is a National Treasure

Incredible red rock structures next to a blue sky in Arches National Park

Another incredible view in Arches National Park, Moab

Anyone who has spent even a small amount of time in Moab knows how special it is—whether they spent time exploring Arches National Park or rafting down the Colorado River. It took millions of years for Moab to develop into one of the most incredible landscapes in North America, rivaling even the Grand Canyon’s scale and beauty. It’s hard to experience the epic beauty of Moab without also feeling some urge to preserve and protect it!

We Care About Moab Because We Live Here

The main reason we take so much care to look after the land is because we live here and we share it with other people and businesses. Moab is the foundation of Epic 4×4 Adventures and it is our inspiration. Without it, we wouldn’t exist and we’d have to find something much less fun and satisfying to do with our time! Many other businesses share Moab with us and we hope that some of them might read this blog and feel reassured that we also have their best interests at heart. As long as Moab continues to be one of the most impressive, inspirational places in the US, people will continue to come here.

We want anyone reading this blog to have a better idea of what it means to be a steward of the land, and we hope that our passion for Moab will inspire you. This is a truly epic place and we can’t wait to take some of you on the adventure of a lifetime! If you have any questions about how we practice being stewards of the land or about our 4×4 Moab tours, please don’t hesitate to get in touch(opens in a new tab). Plan your next big adventure with Epic 4×4 Adventures!

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