Epic ATV/UTV You-Drive Tours

See beautiful scenery with an experienced guide

Customized Kawasaki KRX 1000 and Can-Am Maverick X3 Max UTVs

Day and Sunset tours available

Follow our skilled guide in Moab’s best and safest UTV as you drive your way through Moab UTV trails! Confidently climb obstacles, zip through sand washes and see why slickrock is anything but slick as you climb petrified dunes to new heights. From arch hunting to dinosaur tracks, we will guide you on an epic adventure exploring Moab’s famous backcountry.

Epic Side by Side You-Drive Tours Highlights

Our Side by Side/UTV tours offer spectacular views and unique Moab landscapes while combining the thrill of operating your own and well equipped off-road vehicle.

Our guides will aid you in navigating thrilling obstacles with skill and safety.

Epic photo-ops so you can bring the feeling of being an off-road rockstar home with you!


When & Where

Starting at

You-Drive SXS tours start at less than $115 per person including tax and insurance. Pricing includes custom 2-Seat Kawasaki KRX 1000 UTV for party of 2 or 4-Seat Can-Am Maverick X3 Max RS.  Guide services, a light snack and bottled water on ice in an RTIC cooler on your vehicle also included.

When making your reservation, select the number of vehicles you want for your party or group. Each vehicle seats to two to four. You may select a combination of two and four seat vehicles to accommodate your group size.

Our Trails

We offer several options daily. Each tour is designed to offer something different giving our guests choices to match your spirit of adventure. Click each trail below for a brief description, pictures, tour duration, price and easy online scheduling.

Hell’s Revenge – 2.5 Hours Starting at $229/$389
Hell’s Revenge and Fins & Things – 3.5 Hours $329/$509
*Metal Masher – Up to 4 Hours $479
*The Works – 5+ Hours $459/$659

*This trail has a minimum vehicle requirement of two (2) UTVs following our guide. See trail page for additional information.

All pricing is per vehicle 2-seater/4-seater, guide service, helmet, goggles, water, ice and light snack. Make your reservation for number of vehicles. Each vehicle can seat two. Select 1 ticket for a party of two in the same UTV. Select 2 tickets when you want two vehicles for two drivers and so on.

$15.00/vehicle Damage Waiver required for all 2-Seat Kawaski KRX 1000 and $25/Vehicle for 4-Seat Can-Am Maverick X3 Max RS. Damage Waiver limits out of pocket costs for damage to our equipment in the event of an accident and includes tire or drive belt damage. Deductibles will apply. See Terms and Conditions for details.

Departure Times

Check our calendar for departure times for each trail. As our days are getting longer, we generally offer morning, mid-day and sunset departures.

Evening departure times vary to catch the spectacular desert sunset.

Plan to arrive 30 minute prior to departure for check-in, gear selection and orientation to your vehicle unless your confirmation email advises otherwise. Tour times are behind the wheel times, we like to take care of business in advance so we can maximize riding time. Think of it like catching a flight. You wouldn’t arrive at the airport at departure time.  

If your trail choice requires trailering your vehicles to the trailhead, please read your confirmation email for important information about gear fittings and meeting your ride at the trailhead on ride day.

Meeting Point

1041 S. Main Street

Moab, UT 84532


7 Days per week, March – November


Tours are 2.5 to 5+ hours depending on trail selection.

For most tours, please arrive 30 minutes prior to departure for check-in, gear selection and orientation to your vehicle.

If you have selected a tour that requires trailering equipment, you will receive instructions for gear fitting and meeting at the trailhead.

Max Group Size

We specialize in large group events as well. Contact us for group sizes up to 30.

Permitted Ages

Must be licensed driver 18 – 75 to drive on our tours. Children over 30 pounds to 8 years old must use our booster seat for safety and to comply with seatbelt laws. We do not have a specific age requirement for children but please consider children under 18 must wear a helmet. Very young or small children may not be able to support a helmet.


Helmet and goggles, bottled water and a light snack all included. Helmets are optional for adults 18+ and mandatory for under 18.

Not Included

Most trips do not include meals. If your adventure includes meals, it will be listed on your trail choice.

What to Bring

Closed-toe shoes required. Dress in layers and bring sunglasses, hat, scarf/face covering, camera, and sunscreen.

What You Might See

Moab is home to beautiful off-roading trails, and it’s our goal to guide you on an off-road adventure that you won’t forget. Your epic adventure will include thrilling natural obstacles on Moab’s challenging and wild terrain, beautiful scenery and educated, entertaining guides talking you through every step of your journey.

The Moab area terrain varies from sand to slickrock — the stunning, weathered red boulders that Utah is known for. You’ll encounter all types of natural formations, including sand berms, mesas, arches, buttes, and mountains. Some trails feature ancient petroglyphs and other evidence left by early civilizations, while others offer a glimpse of prehistoric dinosaur tracks. Whichever trail we take, we’re confident your adventure will be epic. Choose the morning, afternoon or our special sunset tour. Please GET IN TOUCH(opens in a new tab) if you have any questions about this Moab UTV tour.

Other Things To Keep in Mind

  • Our off-road adventures are action-packed, so be sure to eat a hearty meal before you take a ride with us.
  • Every driver and each passenger is required to sign a waiver before departure. Riders younger than 18 years of age must have it signed by a parent or guardian.
  • UTV You-Drive tour reservations of 1-2 vehicles will receive a full refund if cancelled at least 48 hours in advance of tour departure time. UTV You-Drive tour reservations of 3-4 vehicles will receive a full refund if cancelled at least 7 days in advance of tour departure time. Private UTV You-Drive tour reservations and reservations of 5+ vehicles will receive a full refund if cancelled 30 days in advance of tour departure time. Guests will receive a full refund in case of operator cancellation due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.Please read our full Terms and Conditions HERE before booking.

Our UTVs

Epic 4×4 Adventures’ side-by-sides are anything but average and stock just isn’t in our wheelhouse. We have added, safety, capability, durability and style to each one. To begin, we offer 35″ tires on all of our UTVs. Next, we have custom, one-piece performance cages on our 2-Seat Kawasaki KRX 1000 fleet. Lap and shoulder belts just won’t cut it at Epic 4X4 Adventures. Each UTV is equipped with 6-point harnesses taking your safety to a whole different level. To put it plainly, we’ve upgraded what other tour providers call an upgrade for the best value. No upgrade fees here. Just tier one vehicles with tier one service. RTIC super coolers, SPOT personal safety beacons, Rugged 2-way radios and more make Epic 4X4 Adventures’ side-by-sides the best equipped in Moab.