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Things to Do in Moab

Moab adventures on the land, the water, and in the air!

Clear blue skies over the red rocky cliffs of Moab, Utah

Canyonlands National Park, Moab, Utah

Here at Epic 4×4 Adventures we make a point of talking about how incredible Moab is! The stunningly beautiful landscape is the inspiration behind our company and it is our reason for existing. We want our blogs to help convince a few people sitting on the fence to hop off the fence and come visit Moab, but you’ll likely be convinced if you just type “pictures of Moab” into Google! In this blog, we will look at why people come here, and then we will write about some things you can do in Moab, breaking it down into different categories: land, water, and air!

Why Do People Visit Moab?

We know that most people who visit Moab come for one specific reason. It’s an area of outstanding beauty, and visitors usually come to be in the great outdoors—usually to do some of the following outdoor activities:

  • Mountain biking
  • Rock climbing
  • Hiking
  • Rafting on the Colorado River
  • Skydiving

This isn’t an exhaustive list of all of the fun things to do in Moab—nowhere near, in fact—but it does illustrate the variety of activities available here.

While most people come here to do one of the activities above, we know it’s more than worth it to take a day off and come on one of our 4×4 tours, whether it’s our 4×4 off-road Moab tour(opens in a new tab) or our Moab sunset tour(opens in a new tab). Our 3-hour tours are the perfect addition to any family hiking trip or cycling trip through Moab, as our custom-built vehicles can explore parts of the terrain that no one else can and we can move across the landscape at much faster speeds. A trip on our buggies will also allow you to rest your weary legs for a few hours before you get out into the wilderness again! If you want to see more of Moab—to see even more incredible vistas and photo opportunities—then add one of our tours to your next Moab trip.

Land Adventures in Moab

Silver mega buggy with large wheels crossing over the sandy rock terrain of Moab

One of our epic mega buggies

This is our specialty here at Epic 4×4 Adventures! Our custom-built off-road buggies(opens in a new tab) have been made specifically for the hard, rugged Moab terrain. This allows us to traverse difficult obstacles that other vehicles cannot and we can cover a lot of ground on our 3-hour off-road tours of Moab!

However, there’s so much more to exploring Moab’s terrain than coming out on one of our buggies and we highly recommend hiking out into Arches National Park. For many, hiking in Arches National Park is the main reason they’re visiting Moab. As long as you’re well prepared and you don’t venture too far from your car, then it’s perfectly fine to take a self-guided hike through most of the wild areas around Moab. However, if you plan to do something a little more adventurous, then we advise investing in the help of a professional Moab hiking guide.

Rock climbing and canyoning is another popular land-based activity in Moab. The area is full of fascinating geological features, and there’s a rich history there for anyone interested in geology. However, Moab’s mountains, hills, cliffs and canyons are all perfect for rock climbing as they offer a fascinating range of challenges that are as unique as the Moab landscape itself.

Person in a yellow helmet climbing up a rock wall in Moab

Rock climbing in Moab

Mountain biking is another very popular activity in Moab, with many people bringing their own high-spec mountain bikes or hiring from specialist mountain bike companies in the area. Moab is considered to be one of the greatest places in the US for mountain biking and its toughest (most legendary) trail is called “Slickrock Bike Trail”. However, you don’t need to opt for the toughest challenge as the area offers a huge variety of trails for different ability levels. Discover Moab’s mountain biking resource(opens in a new tab) should have everything you need to start planning a mountain bike adventure in Moab.

Many guests also explore the area by motorbike, either touring the smooth roads, or going off the beaten track on a motorbike trail. However, if you’re looking for that classic western experience, you can even go horseback riding!

Water Adventures in Moab

Aerial view of the Colorado River near Arches National Park

Aerial view of the Colorado River near Arches National Park

Even though we don’t offer any water adventures here at Epic 4×4 Adventures, we think it’s our job to elevate the other activities and the companies around us. The Colorado River runs to the west of Moab and it attracts a lot of people each year looking for adventure.

Many people take to the river to go rafting with their friends or family. Whether it’s a half-day, full-day, or multi-day rafting trip, you’re guaranteed to have an incredible time negotiating your way along the Colorado River. There’s nothing like rafting past the incredible rocky Moab landscape on the Colorado, and there is a more relaxed jetboat tour if you want the water experience but don’t really want to paddle for hours. In a way, the jetboat experience is the water equivalent to our 4×4 off-road Moab experience.

If catfish is your quarry, then you can fish on the Colorado River’s many sandy beaches. Or if you’d prefer the peace and serenity of lake fishing—and you prefer the taste of trout—then you can go lake fishing in one of eight lakes in La Sal Mountains, just a short drive south of Moab.

Air Adventures in Moab

Aerial view of Onion Creek in Moab

Aerial view of Onion Creek, Moab

While you can take to the air in most open spaces, it’s always better if you’re flying over an impressive landscape—and it doesn’t get much more impressive than Moab! There are all kinds of incredible air-based activities you can do. You can take a helicopter trip or a ride in a bi-plane—or you can go on a relaxing hot-air balloon ride, or crank up the adrenaline by skydiving over Moab!

One thing we will say, however, is that it’s highly unlikely that a brief balloon ride or helicopter trip will take up very much time, so you may be looking to fill your trip to Moab with a few more activities. Obviously, we think our 4×4 tours are a great option, but we’d also suggest trying to combine a mixture of activities—perhaps even an air, water, and land activity, all combined together into one epic Moab adventure!

There’s too much to see and do in Moab to fit into just one trip, which is why so many people come back to the area again and again. Once you’ve come to Moab and experienced the epic landscape first hand, it’s an easy decision to make a return visit. If you have any questions about our Moab 4×4 tours or other queries relating to Moab, please feel free to get in touch(opens in a new tab). You may also like to check out our FAQ(opens in a new tab) as we may have already answered your question there. Start planning your Epic 4×4 Adventure in Moab!

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