Slickrock and Sand Washes - 2 Hours $198 - Moab's Most Fun In 2 Hours

Allow us to introduce you to Moab’s iconic slickrock. Sandstone slickrock started as wind-blown sand dunes 200 million years ago. They were cemented into sandstone and are now returning to sand blowing in the wind. The result is a playground like no other.

A combination of steep climbs with deep descents and sandy washes make this a fun flowing roller coaster ride like no other. This may be our briefest tour at 2 hours but the excitement and fun will leave you with smiles for days and memories that last for years.

Hell's Revenge - 2 1/2 Hour Sunset Tour $249 - Iconic Moab Trail

Long steep climbs and white knuckle descents offer a roller coaster ride across slick rock fins. Expansive views from the La Sal Mountains to Arches National Park offers amazing sunset views and plenty of spectacular photo ops on this fun filled off-road, you-drive tour.

This trail is rated difficult but our guides and our equipment make it easy for even novice drivers. All skill levels will enjoy this tour.

Join for sunset on this exciting Moab must-see.

Hell's Revenge and Fins & Things - 3 Hours $269 - Best Value Two Trail Combo

Unbelievable fun and fantastic scenery. One of our best values is this 2 trail combination, 3 hour tours. We start at Fins and Things, a moderately difficult trail and then head to Hell’s Revenge where we kick it up a notch on the steep stuff.  Click Here to see Hell’s Revenge trail description and photos.

Join us mornings and sunset on this spectacular trip.

(Gallery coming soon!)

Hurrah Pass and Chicken Corners* - 4 Hours $299 - Most Scenic

Rated easy, this trail is a fun drive with few technical spots. The scenery for this entire trip is stunning.

We make a brief stop at Birthing Rock for excellent petroglyphs as we make our way toward Hurrah Pass. The view from the top of the pass is worth another quick stop where we can see the evaporating ponds of the potash mine operation. Descending from the pass we navigate the mesa along the Colorado River with another fun stop at Catacomb Rock and an opportunity to climb through the caves.

Mornings are the best time for this trip and we depart at 8:00AM.

Poison Spider Trail* - 4 Hours $429 - Our Best Seller

We start right from our location and travel across the Colorado River to the north side of The Portal. This trip down Highway 279 along the river has stunning scenery including the world famous “Wall Street” section where you’re very likely to see climbers at all times of day.

This trail is rated difficult due to several fun obstacles but our guide will expertly help you navigate each one like a seasoned off-roader.

A stop at Little Arch overlooks the Colorado River, parts of the Moab Valley and Moab Rim Trail.

After the arch we climb slick rock toward Giant Pothole. where the exceptional vistas seem to go on forever.

Our morning trip moves on to the blow sand hill for some SXS style playing in the dune.

Our sunset tour stops at Giant Pothole where you can enjoy sunset with the group or step away to marvel at the extraordinary views enjoying your own space and making the experience uniquely yours.

Snacks are provided on this 4 hour tour but feel free to bring along non-alcoholic beverages and snacks of your choice to pack in the R-Tic cooler on your SXS.

(Gallery additions coming soon.)

Metal Masher Trail* - 4-4 1/2 Hours $429 - Guide Favorite & Most Bang for the Buck

Metal Masher, the newest addition to our trail portfolio is comprised of slick rock, sand and dirt two-track. This trail offers drivers everything they are looking for and more. Not only do you get amazing wheeling, you can also take in the inspiring views of the slick rock hills. Starting at Gemini Bridges Road off Highway 191, the ledge road that takes you to the Metal Masher trailhead climbs to increasingly beautiful views of Arches National Park, Moab Valley, and the La Sal Mountains. That is just a warm-up for the view from the perch at the top. Little Canyon has beautiful vertical walls, and a few arches may be spotted by alert riders. We will travel right under Gooney Bird Rock where you can tempt fate depending on which legend you believe. Arth’s Rim, overlooks the Moab Valley 1300 feet below.

Metal Masher has a rating of difficult but in our equipment and with our guides, you will have no trouble navigation this popular Moab trail.

Fun morning run and for this one, we will trailer your SXS to the trailhead. You can take our free shuttle service or follow our guide car after selecting gear. Your UTV will be set up, stocked with water and our guide will have snacks for this longer trail. Eat a hearty breakfast though, we won’t be back until lunch.

Moab Rim Trail* – Up to 4 Hours $459 - Most Adrenaline

This extreme trail is only offered to drivers with some experience. Your ability to follow instructions from your guide/spotter in extreme conditions is vital.

Moab Rim is a bucket-list trail for extreme off-roaders that visit Moab. The first Mile is rated very difficult as you climb from the river’s edge to the top of The Rim. The off-camber cliff’s edge can intimidate even the most adventurous. From the top you will have a birds-eye view of the Moab Valley and the City of Moab.

We continue on to a more moderate section of slick rock with views for miles.

Next stop is another very high Moab overlook before returning down the way we came. Those obstacles you mastered on the way up are all new on the way down. Be sure to stop and check out the view of the Colorado River. Many say it is their favorite in all of Moab.

We leave for this adrenaline pumping tour in the morning.

*This trail has a minimum vehicle requirement of two (2) UTVs following our guide.

If you reserve a single car and there are no additional reservations for this tour, there will be a “Solo Vehicle” surcharge of $99+tax upon arrival.

You will have the opportunity to accept or decline this surcharge at the time of booking if there are no other prior reservations. Please call us if you have questions or would like to know if there are existing reservations for your trail and date prior to making your reservation. 435-260-2206