These exciting trails are offered daily. Morning, midday and Sunset options.

Featuring our 2-Seat Kawasaki KRX 1000 and our 4-Seat CanAm Maverick X3 Max. 

Hell's Revenge - 2.5 Hours - Starting at $114/Person - Moab's Most Fun

Allow us to introduce you to Moab’s iconic Slickrock on Hell’s Revenge Trail. Make no mistake, Hell’s Revenge is rugged terrain but this moderate version is great for all skill levels. We’ll make scenic stops and share information about Moab, it’s history and  the unique features that make Moab Special. Our Slickrock is just the beginning. Sandstone slickrock started as wind-blown sand dunes 200 million years ago. They were cemented into sandstone and are now returning to sand, blowing in the wind. The result is a playground like no other. A stunning Colorado River overlook awaits but first we will make a stop at gorgeous Echo Canyon. Will the canyon speak back to you?

For this trip, we’ll combine sightseeing  and fun facts with exciting offroad adventure.  A combination of steep climbs with deep descents and sandy washes make this a fun flowing roller coaster ride like no other.

Choose a 2-Seat Custom Kawasaki KRX 1000 or a 4-Seat Can-Am Maverick X3 Max RS.

Midday Slick Rock Ride - 2 Hours - Starting at $106/Person - Midday Scramble

We think there is just no better way to spend a couple of hours in Moab. This midday 2-hour ride is sure to thrill. Described as an amusement park-like trail, we’ll lead the way on Fins & Things and show you the terrain and the views that bring guests from all over the world to Moab. Rollercoaster like sandstone with fun flowing sand washes keep it fun on this moderately difficult rated trail.

Choose a 2-Seat Custom Kawasaki KRX 1000 or a 4-Seat Can-Am Maverick X3 Max RS.

Hell's Revenge with Fins & Things - 3.5 Hours - Starting at $141/Person - Best Value Two Trail Combo

When you crave more of a good thing, upgrade to Hell’s Revenge with Fins &  Things. Covering more than twice the trail miles and 90% of this world famous trail, this is the ride that brings people from all around to Moab. We’ll start at Fins and Things, a moderately difficult trail with fun sand dune tracks and obstacles that give you a glimpse of just what your UTV can do. Next we head to Hell’s Revenge where we kick it up a notch on the steep stuff. Ranked Best Value, this, 3.5 hour tour adds to the fun when we make our way over Baby Lion’s Back, travel up to the famous Hot Tubs and travel down the Dragon’s Tail exploring more of this iconic terrain. Expansive views from the La Sal Mountains to the Colorado River Gorge offer amazing scenery and plenty of spectacular photo ops on this fun filled off-road, you-drive tour. We won’t miss the stunning Colorado River overlook or the special views at Echo Canyon. We always like to share fun Moab facts and some history of the area and it’s amazing features but this is more about the driving experience. Your spirit of adventure will thank you.

Join us morning and sunset on this spectacular trip. We bring plenty of bottled water and a light snack. Helmet and goggles included.

Choose a 2-Seat Custom Kawasaki KRX 1000 or a 4-Seat Can-Am Maverick X3 Max RS.

This trail also available for our X3 Experience Ride Along tours.


Join us on the path less travelled. Our More to Moab series of trails is where we show you what this amazing place is all about. Book online or give us a call for more information about these epic trails.

The Works* - 5 hours Tour starting at $200/Person - Moab Sampler

A terrific Moab Sampler, The Works is a wonderful glimpse of the very things that bring visitors to Moab again and again. From easy rock crawling to vistas for miles, The Works will allow you to explore Uranium Arch, Tusher Tunnel, Monitor and Merrimac and more. Go over The Rainbow, play in the sand and if you’re up for it take on Wipe Out Hill. We will even make a stop at a unique and vast collection of dinosaur bones.

This tour starts and ends just a few miles north of Moab. We deliver your UTV to the trailhead for this one and help you get fitted for gear and make your way to meet your ride. We’ll have lots of water and a light snack but feel free to bring along non-alcoholic beverages of your choice and a heartier snack for this tour that is a bit longer than others.

Choose a 2-Seat Custom Kawasaki KRX 1000 or a 4-Seat Can-Am Maverick X3 Max RS

This trail also available for our X3 Experience Ride Along tours.

Call for multi-vehicle discounts and group rates.

Gemini Bridges - 4 to 4.5 Hours - Starting at $200/person - Guide Favorite

Gemini Bridges, one of the most unique geological features of Moab, is a must see and you can count on us to take you there the epic way. Join us as we climb Gemini Bridges road to increasingly beautiful views of Arches National Park, Moab Valley and the LaSal Mountains. We descend on the other side into Little Canyon with it’s beautiful vertical walls surrounding fun, sand two-track. But we’re not about the route everyone else takes, we make our way to Gemini Bridges via Metal Masher loop trail. The off-road riding experience of Metal Masher is only rivaled by it’s stunning scenery as we make our way to Arth’s Rim. Overlooking the Moab Valley 1300 feet below, Arth’s Rim views strech for miles and miles. After a brief stop here, the terrain gives us great variety to use the capability of our UTVs in both sand and over obstacles. Popping back out on Gemini Bridges road, just north of our destination we make our way to this stunning Moab feature.

Gemini Bridges Road/Trail is rated easy and Metal Masher has a difficulty rating of moderate. In our equipment and with our guides, you will have no trouble navigating this trail and terrain. No experience is necessary.

Fun morning run and for this one, we will trailer your SXS to the trailhead.  Your UTV will be set up, stocked with water and our guide will have snacks for this longer trail. Eat a hearty breakfast though, we won’t be back until lunch.

Choose a 2-Seat Custom Kawasaki KRX 1000 or a 4-Seat Can-Am Maverick X3 Max RS

Call for multi-vehicle discounts and group rates.

This trail also available for our X3 Experience Ride Along tours.

Poison Spider Trail* - 4 Hours - $309/Person - Our Best Seller

This trail is rated difficult due to the several obstacles almost from the start of the trail. Our guide is there to expertly help you navigate each one but this trail should be considered technically challenging and will be enjoyed by thrill seekers with great confidence behind the wheel. We do not require off-road/4X4 experience but strong driving skills will serve you well.

We begin on Potash Road driving along the Colorado River. This stretch, known as The Portal, between Poison Spider Mesa and Moab Rim is stunning. We nearly always catch climbers making their way up the sheer cliffs of “Wall Street”. We make a brief stop at a vast and detailed petroglyph panel dating back over 8,000 years. Can you spot the bear with hunters depicted in this amazing art?

Continuing on to the trailhead, we climb the winding shelf road toward the top of the mesa. Rock ledges and rugged terrain begin immediately with the first major obstacle, The Gate Keeper, within the first 1/2 mile. Once atop the Mesa, a quick drop over a v-notch takes us to the first ledge climb. Next we climb a slickrock wall and travel through an ancient dry riverbed to the Poison Spider Waterfall. This dry waterfall obstacle is sure to thrill. The challenging Z-Turn is next followed by The Wedge. High Speed Mesa takes us toward Little Arch. Do you dare cross the arch? Maybe you’d rather explore a large wind cave while we marvel at views of the Colorado River, parts of the Moab Valley and Moab Rim Trail.

After the arch we climb more slick rock toward Giant Pothole where the exceptional vistas seem to go on forever.

This trail is a fantastic morning ride or join us for sunset. Our sunset spot allows you to enjoy sunset with the group or step away in awe of the extraordinary views enjoying your own space and making the experience uniquely yours.

Snacks are provided on this 4 hour tour but feel free to bring along non-alcoholic beverages and snacks of your choice to pack in the cooler on your SXS.

Call for multi-vehicle discounts and group rates.

This trail also available for our X3 Experience Ride Along tours.

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