Sand Blast - 2 Hours, $169/Adult $119/Child (Under 13)

Sandstone slick rock and sand wash excitement make this a tour you won’t want to miss. Moderate fun trail that gets kicked up a notch in the thrill department in the Moab Mega Buggy. We crawl along the slick rock fins and crab walk sideways in the sandy washes.  We have a terrific time showing you the Sand Flats Recreation area. Then we take a little side trip over to Potato Salad Hill where you will really see just how sure footed and graceful we are on even the toughest obstacles. Hope you don’t mind the paparazzi, this tour impresses even spectators. Reserve your seat in OutKast, Moab’s best new rock crawling giant.


World Famous Hell's Revenge w/Fins and Things - 3 Hours $225/Adult, $149/Child (Under 13)

Moab’s newest touring giant, Moab Mega Buggy, meets Moab’s premier trail head-on.

Ride in comfort, style and safety on the long steep climbs of Fins and Things & Hell’s Revenge. Our terrain tackling mega tour rig climbs obstacles, makes its way through washes and pulls the steep grades like no other vehicle anywhere.

This trail and this tour is not only unique to Moab but in the Mega Buggy, it is unique in the world. Book your one of a kind adventure today.

Morning and Sunset Options Daily


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