Sand Blast - 2 Hours, $139/Adult $99/Child (17 and Under)

Sandstone slick rock and sand wash excitement make this a tour you won’t want to miss. Moderate fun trail that gets kicked up a notch in the thrill department in the Moab Mega Buggy. We crawl along the slick rock fins and crab walk sideways in the sandy washes.  We have a terrific time showing you the Sand Flats Recreation area. Then we take a little side trip over to Potato Salad Hill where you will really see just how sure footed and graceful we are on even the toughest obstacles. Hope you don’t mind the paparazzi, this tour impresses even spectators. Reserve your seat in OutKast, Moab’s best new rock crawling giant.


Poison Spider - 3 Hours $199/Adult, $149/Child (17 and Under)

If it is thrills you seek and you prefer the trail less travelled, our Poison Spider Tour in the Moab Mega Buggy is for you. Ride along as we take on the big obstacles with ease and make our way to sandstone slick rock.

Waterfalls, wedges, v-notches and ledges, these are a few of our favorite things. The obstacles on Poison Spider are sure to excite your adventurous spirit but they are simply no match for the unparalleled capability of OutKast. Let the Moab Mega Buggy do all the work as you are tucked safely inside Moab’s newest and safest touring giant.

Our day trip on Poison Spider Mesa departs the trailhead at 8:00AM and returns at 11:00AM


Poison Spider Sunset - 3 Hours, $225/Adult, $149/Child (17 and Under)

Poison Spider at Sunset is our most popular trail and time for very good reason. We tackle the same fun obstacles in the evening with a stop on top of Slick Rock Fins for 360° views and sunsets only the red desert can deliver. Then, we come back in the dark. With lighting that disguises the night, we make our way back as the stars come out. There is absolutely no better way to spend the evening than in the Moab Mega Buggy on Poison Spider Mesa.

We depart approximately 2 hours before sunset.

More Offroad 4X4 Tours Coming Soon - Watch for updated trials and galleries.

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