World Famous Hell's Revenge - 2 Hours - $149/Person

Moab’s premier touring giant, Moab Mega Buggy, meets Moab’s premier trail head-on. Ride in comfort, style and safety on the long steep climbs of Hell’s Revenge. Our terrain tackling mega tour rig climbs obstacles, makes its way through washes and pulls the steep grades like no other vehicle anywhere. This trail and is iconic in Moab but the Mega Buggy sets your adventure apart from anything else.  Absolutely nothing compares.

The thrills begin immediately as we navigate The Devil’s Backbone making our way onto the World famous Hell’s Revenge trail. Exciting adventure at every turn where fantastic photo ops delight. Crabwalk across slickrock and feel the G’s as we glide through twisty sand washes. There is nothing like the thrill of rear-steer. The excitement of Hell’s Gate and the newest trail section, The Staircase just can’t be fully understood until you are looking up what seems like an impossible climb. The beauty and character of Rumble Alley adds unique surroundings making you feel transported to another area entirely.

Prepare for the paparazzi on this one. Everyone wants a picture of the Moab Mega Buggy.

Book your one of a kind adventure today. Morning and Sunset Options Daily

Private Poison Spider Mesa Tour - 3 Hours $1199 - Up to 5 Riders

This one-of-a-kind trail deserves a one-of-a-kind vehicle. Book your private ride on Poison Spider Mesa in the Moab Mega Buggy for an unforgettable 4X4 experience. Rated difficult, Poison Spider throws a fun variety of obstacles at us almost from the start. The Gate Keeper, a gnarly obstacle designed to keep all but the most adventurous out, is no match for 54″ tires and rear steer. We make light work of it and keep going up the winding shelf road toward the top of the mesa. From V-Notches and Wedges to slickrock walls and dry water falls, Poison Spider is as thrilling as it is beautiful. You’ll be delighted by views of the Colorado River and back into the Moab Valley at Little Arch. As we climb our way even higher along slickrock roller coasters, 360˚ views from teh LaSal Mountains into Canyonlands will seem to go on forever. You can book this entire-vehicle tour for a group of up to 5 mornings or at sunset. There may be no better way to start a brand new day than Poison Spider in the Moab Mega Buggy all to yourselves.  If sunset is more your thing, this trip offers a special experience when we make our way back in the twilight and we almost always have our sunset viewpoint all to ourselves for a uniquely personal experience. We will bring plenty of water and a light snack. If you’d like to bring along other items you prefer, please give us a call and we’ll make sure we make room for your items.

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